UPDATE: Dead Fowl

Specimens have been investigated by the Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative and reported back the following:

“…highly suggestive of trauma as the cause of death. As these birds all washed up on shore one morning and there was no history of severe weather in the preceding days, the most likely cause of trauma is a light-induced bird strike on boats. This type of trauma is not commonly reported; however, there are multiple reports (particularly in marine environments) of small flocks of birds colliding with boats at night. There have been occasional reports of mass collisions involving hundreds or thousands of seabirds. The exact cause is unclear, but as has been noted with other light-induced bird strikes (e.g. windows in urban settings), birds are often attracted to the light and risk colliding with these vessels as they travel at night.

Read to original article, Dead fowl along the shoreline (Oct 2, 2020)

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